Clive Prentice

Clive Prentice, Interim Manager and Consultant

Clive Prentice

Interim Manager and Consultant

Clive Prentice’s two decades of experience running large maintenance organizations for business jet companies informs his work as a Consultant for AVIAÂ. “My role at AVIAÂ is to advise on the Maintenance pillar globally and to mentor the AVIAÂ team on all things aviation as the company grows,” he explained.

Clive’s expertise in process management and best practices has led to the transformation of aviation organizations. “In my career, I’ve often been the company doctor, so to speak. Making long-term lasting differences and changing an organization for good is challenging,” Clive said. “Those kinds of changes don’t happen very often. But they’ve happened twice for me in my career.” Once was in the 1990s when Clive was the Finance Director of British Aerospace Corporate Jets Limited, which assembled the Hawker 125 (now the Hawker 900 XP). At that time, the Hawker 125 was one of the most successful mid-sized jets in the world. British Aerospace was hoping to sell Corporate Jets Limited to Raytheon Co. Clive oversaw great improvements in how the Hawker 125 was manufactured, assembled and supported, which resulted in a profitable sale. “That was a very exciting 18 months!” Clive said. “We brought in serious change and it was very successful.”

He again brought about a lasting transformation during the five years he worked to restructure Raytheon’s Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul business for the Hawker 125. “In the five years I was there we turned it from a loss making organization that was basically going down the tubes, into something that focused on profitable work,” Clive explained. “We made a shift that lasted for quite a long period of time.”

Clive has also worked as Managing Director of Aerocontracts, a Dowty Aerospace Company; Raytheon Systems Limited, where he focused on air traffic control simulation software; and L3 TRL’s Defense Electronics Business. He’s held the role of Vice President and General Manager of Customer Support for Hawker Beechcraft’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Region. In 2014, he decided to focus on his consultancy work, which led him to advising roles with Jets Limited; Gama Aviation; and Marshall Aerospace and Defense Group.

Clive has a BA in Economics & Decision Making from The Open University and an ACMA in Accountancy from Southampton Solent University. He grew up playing cricket and men’s hockey. In his free time he enjoys fellwalking with his wife and friends in the Lake District. “I find it very relaxing to disappear out into the wilderness and just walk,” he said. In 2008, he completed the Coast to Coast Walk, a 309 km long-distance footpath in Northern England.

In Clive’s long career in aviation, he cites meeting legendary racecar driver and three-time Formula One winner Ayrton Senna as one of his most interesting experiences. Senna came to the UK in 1991 and bought an aircraft from British Aerospace, Corporate Jets Limited. “I was senior in Finance then and I met him on a number of occasions,” Clive said with a smile. “When he picked up his aircraft from Chester he was so happy with it he bought a six-pack for each of the 800 workers on the manufacturing site. Lorries arrived the next day with pallets of beer. As you can imagine, he was a hero!”

At AVIAÂ, Clive is excited to bring his management and finance expertise to the table. “AVIAÂ is all about satisfying its customers with honesty, openness, and transparency, and about doing things in a modern way—not just because its ‘always been done that way,’” Clive explained. “That being said, it helps to have knowledge and experience in the organization, a consultant that understands the traditional methodology that can be utilized to benchmark the services provided and ensure the regulatory framework is understood. I find it refreshing to be the safe pair of hands tempering the excitement, drive, enthusiasm and energy that the AVIAÂ team throws into everything that they undertake.”