Miles Bailey

Picture of Miles Bailey wearing his sunglasses and headset in a cockpit

Miles Bailey

Director of Supply Chain

Though only 33-years old, Miles Bailey has been flying for almost twenty years. His interest in aviation was first piqued at age ten when his family moved to Istanbul and flew back and forth to the UK for holidays. His obsession grew when at fourteen he returned to the UK for his first year of study at a school next to a local airfield. That year he took up gliding. “From then on I passed my misspent youth on airfields, learning to fly,” Miles said. On his 16th birthday, he went solo for the first time. “That was a reasonably good milestone,” Miles said with a humble smile. Miles obtained his private pilot’s license while studying at university.

Young MIles face on in a cockpit flying harness

Miles at 17 not long after earning his pilot license.

After graduating with a degree in Aviation Technology with Pilot Training at the University of Leeds, Miles hoped to become a pilot, but commercial pilot training was financially out of reach. Determined to overcome this challenge and work in aviation, Miles landed an Aircraft charter broker’s position with a respected UK company when he was only 24-years old. In 2010, he joined Hangar8–a company built and sold by Aviaâ founder Dustin Dryden that merged to become Gama Aviation. At Hangar8, Miles managed a fleet of private jets for charter. While there he oversaw the expansion of the fleet from eighteen to over 50 aeroplanes, as well as the listing and acquisition of multiple businesses. In July 2017, he joined the Aviaâ team.

In his free time, Miles flies his own planes or heads to the mountains with his glider. “I’ve flown in my glider with no engine at the same level as some airliners,” Miles says. “That’s quite cool.” He also enjoys skiing and he’s Aviaâ’s resident cook, whipping up cakes and sweets for his colleagues.

Miles remains passionate about mentoring people interested in careers in aviation. “I’ve spent a lot of time working with young people trying to come into aviation. I encourage them to explore positions in the industry other than just being a pilot–there is so much more available they might not be aware of. Flying is a brilliant thing to do, but there’s a lot more to the aviation industry.”

As someone still in his early 30s with two-decades of aviation experience under his belt, Miles is thrilled to be a part of the Aviaâ team. “We are actually quite young but are a relatively experienced team, which is helping us stay ahead of tech trends,” he explained. “We aren’t limited by thinking in terms of ‘how it’s always been’ in the industry. That allows us to envision new ways for the industry to evolve.” This understanding and foresight allow Miles–and the rest of the Aviaâ team—to both stay ahead of the ever-changing industry and help to shape it.

Glider plane flying on a grey cloudy day. Plane is white and some distance away.