Stacey Tucker

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Stacey Tucker

Director of Finance

Stacey Tucker has spent most of her career becoming an expert in the specialized field of aviation finances. After studying Accounting and Taxation at Bournemouth University, she then became a qualified chartered accountant. Stacey found her first job in the finance industry at Hangar8 (now Gama), a private jet operator headquartered in the UK with fleet bases around the globe. There she received a broad on-the-job education that included mastery of the core financial functions of the company. As the business grew, Stacey grew with it. “I wanted to help improve the finance department, learning about management accounts and taking on whatever I could,” she said.

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A young Stacey fresh out of school.

After reaching a senior level position within Hangar8’s Finance Department, Stacey made her one dalliance away from aviation, taking a job with the prestigious Oxford University Press. “It was the complete opposite of aviation!” she says. She soon found herself yearning for the fast pace of aviation, and she returned to Hangar8 to take charge of their team of financial analysts.

As the company continued to grow, she developed its finance structures, putting in all the necessary processes for a PLC listed company. Her expertise allowed the company to grow successfully and reach the next level of capacity. In January 2015, there was a reverse takeover of Hangar8 by Gama Aviation; and Stacey then joined Gama, overseeing some of the financial side of the merger. “I was heavily involved in making sure the processes worked for everyone,” she said.

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Loving flying is just one part of the job description.

In July 2016, Stacey took a job heading the Finance Department of Oxford Airport. There she gained knowledge of the intricate workings of commercial air transport. She left her position at Oxford Airport to become the Finance Director of Aviaa.

Despite her financial brilliance, Stacey is willing to jump in and lend a hand in any way that’s needed. “I completed a couple of trips for Hangar8 as an air hostess [on a private jet] when they were short staffed,” she said. “I was happy to go and see the world.” As always, she used the experience to deepen her understanding of the industry. “It was completely different from the finance side of things. I was able to see the customers first-hand, deal with the owners, and see how the crew worked.”

In her free time, Stacey loves to watch Formula 1 racing and she’s a lifelong student. “I love studying–which is how I’ve ended up doing accountancy for a long time–and I’m just starting a wine course now,” she says with a smile.

What sets Stacey apart from others in the industry? “I’m always financially and commercially focused. Whereas most people in the industry have backgrounds in aviation or as pilots, I see things from a different perspective,” she says. “The regulations of the industry create problems that need to be solved. I see that as a challenge and I love the efficiencies of that.” Stacey’s financial acumen and dedication to learning a complex industry from as many perspectives as possible make her an invaluable part of the Aviaa team.

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Always ready to pitch in for any role on a plane.