Our Mission

To create the world’s best aviation procurement community through service and expertise.

Our Values

AVIAÂ is the first large-scale group purchasing organization for general aviation, which allows everyone from individual owner-operators to small and medium sized commercial airlines to easily buy the equipment, services, and supplies they need to open and operate. We’re replacing hidden costs and complicated contracts with a seamless quoting process, direct connection to suppliers at the best prices, and transparency and efficiency across the purchasing process. And we offer suppliers an evolving set of tools to easily communicate with and win new business. Combined, we’re bringing general aviation purchasing into the digital age.

  • Promising our members transparency of cost
  • Being the most competitive buyer in the market
  • Providing accurate data to our suppliers
  • Building integral relationships among members and suppliers
  • Rewarding our team for giving you the best solutions

Aviaâ Leadership Team Overview

Headshot of Dustin Dryden

Dustin Dryden


Headshot of Jim Hall

Jim Hall


Headshot of Stacey Tucker

Stacey Tucker

Director of Finance

Headshot of Miles Bailey

Miles Bailey

Director of Supply Chain

Headshot of Fritz Wolff

Fritz Wolff

Managing Partner, Paxion