30 July, 2019 

Press release 

Free Membership offered to Medical Flight Providers

AVIAA, the expanding group purchasing organization for business aviation, is pleased to announce the launch of AVIAA Cares, a brand new corporate social responsibility initiative.  Corporate Angel Network is the only charitable organization in the USA whose sole mission is to fly cancer patients to specialist hospitals to access the best possible treatment, arranging flights at no cost on empty seats on business aircraft.

“We have created AVIAA Cares with the goal of helping dedicated air ambulance, critical response operators, and medical flight providers reduce their operational costs,” said Matthew Smith, AVIAA’s Chief Business Development Officer.

“Supply chain management takes time and money.  By implementing this initiative, we want to help operators performing critical missions shift costs – reducing their overheads and freeing capital to deploy elsewhere. This focus and capital can be used for what is most important, the life-saving mission at hand.

With AVIAA fleet membership, medical flight operators can focus on their patients and execute more critical missions while benefitting from savings on fuel, maintenance, and ground operations, tapping into AVIAA’s global network offering economies of scale.

Six months’ complimentary membership for CAN operators

Through the AVIAA Cares program, Corporate Angel Network operators will receive six months’ complimentary AVIAA membership, which includes exclusive benefits with preferred partners and concierge-level procurement consultation. Existing AVIAA members will also be rewarded if they join and provide flights for CAN, on their next membership renewal.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with such a well-deserving organization as the Corporate Angel Network,” commented Smith. “Their work in the general aviation community helps provide cancer patients with critical flights to their treatment, and we’re proud to support them and their members.”

Welcoming the initiative, Samantha Lohse, Senior Program Manager at CAN commented: “In creating AVIAA Cares, AVIAA is demonstrating the importance of corporate social responsibility. On average, CAN flies 250 patients a month and 3,000 flights per year. Thanks to over 500 corporations supporting this important program, (half of which are Fortune 100 companies), patients connect with much needed medical treatments and services, without the financial burden.” 

Approximately 30% of the U.S. population depends on air medical transport for the access of urgent medical care, according to the Association of Air Medical Services.

About AVIAA 

Established in 2017 with a global presence, AVIAA uses aggregation, transparency, industry expertise, and proprietary algorithms to streamline the procurement process for both operators and vendors.

The business is headquartered in Irvine, California, and also has offices in Park City, Utah, Munich, Germany, and in the UK at London Oxford Airport.

To learn more about AVIAA Cares, please contact sales@aviaa.com or via phone in the US at +1 888 462 8777, or in the UK at +44 1865 521 000.

About Corporate Angel Network

Corporate Angel Network is a public charity that arranges free flights for cancer patients to treatment using empty seats on business aircraft. The organization has received numerous awards in recognition of its service to cancer patients, including The Volunteer Action Award, the highest volunteer award from the President of the United States.  in December, the organization will celebrate its 37th year in operation.

For more information, call (914) 328-1313 or visit www.corpangelnetwork.org. Corporate Angel Network, a public charity as described in the Internal Revenue Service’s IRC sections §509(a)(1) and §170(b)(1)(a)(vi), is supported entirely by contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations.

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