We know how hard it can be for FBOs to reach, engage, win, and retain the best owners and operators at their facilities.  We’re here to help.

AVIAÂ is the only global Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) for general aviation. Our members work together to bring committed volume to our preferred supplier network, reducing friction costs. AVIAÂ has grown substantially over the last year and are on target to support 500 aircraft globally by the end of 2018, with expected uplift of more than 50M gallons of fuel in 2019.

At our recent member advisory meeting, our members identified building a preferred FBO network as the biggest priority for the end of 2018. So, we are soliciting bids for a preferred FBO at every airfield our members frequent.

The proposal submission website opened December 3, 2018 and closes January 11, 2019. It is expected that the AVIAÂ member advisory council will award contracts on a competitive basis to a single FBO on each airfield. The FBO on each airfield with the best solution for our membership – according to AVIAÂ staff and the AVIAÂ member advisory council – will be selected by the end of January 2019. We will notify all proposing FBOs, whether they are selected, disqualified, or otherwise unsuccessful although responsive by mid February 2019.

To submit a proposal, please click here.

For any questions, please email us at sales@aviaa.com.