We can’t believe it’s almost the new year! Founded just over 18 months ago, AVIAÂ has experienced tremendous growth this past year. Not only have we expanded our network of members and suppliers, but our team has doubled in size as well. We’ve enjoyed attending industry events and traveling the country, expanding our business aviation community. Of all our milestones from 2018, here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Matt Smith, VP Business Development

“For me a highlight of this year is not only the way we have grown our community of members by numbers, but also the way in which we have grown member engagement. Through our executive committee and regular member meetings we are able to offer analytical insights, spend tracking and online reporting which allows us to build tender processes and gain maximum value in a previously fragmented industry. In terms of numbers we have more than doubled our membership base in 2018 which puts us in a great position moving in to 2019 to reach well over 1000 members.”

  1. Miles Bailey, Director of Supply Chain

“We have seen fantastic momentum with suppliers this year. I’m most proud of our partnership with Universal Weather and Aviation – this particular relationship epitomizes the reason to participate in a GPO, our members obtaining access to fuel pricing in the UVAir network that they would only be able to access were they part of a significantly larger organization. I’m looking forward to developing our product offering with them over the course of the next 12 months.

I’m also very happy with the relationship we have with our partners at Satcom Direct. They are a very forward-looking company with a fantastic product portfolio and have shown both our members and AVIAÂ a fantastic level of engagement – I’m looking forward to expanding our product offering with them in 2019.”

  1. Erin Groh, Director of Marketing

“We were first-time exhibitors at EBACE this year and decided to make a bit of a splash on the Static Display with a Challenger 601 custom wrapped in different currency notes. We extended that theme at our booth at NBAA-BACE with a cash-blowing machine that attendees could hop into and win cash and other prizes. At AVIAÂ we use human expertise and proprietary algorithms to bring savings and transparency to our network of members and suppliers. Having the wrapped jet and cash machine were great ways to bring that message to life, while having a lot of fun at the same time. I can’t wait until next year’s events!”

  1. Rick Tilghman, COO/CPO

“The AVIAÂ Dashboard launched earlier this year, giving our members access to all their spending data, right at their fingertips. Members can track savings across aircraft, service, and locations, enabling detailed analysis of individual and fleet-wide purchasing trends.

AVIAÂ’s user customer base is broad – pilots; crew; operations teams; fleet owners – all different owners with different needs.  Creating an analytical engine and service that can deliver tailored insights to such different groups was a great challenge.”

  1. Gillian Hayes, CEO

“At AVIAÂ, we are driven by the needs and interests of our members. One of the most exciting things we had happen in 2018 was developing our member advisory council and holding our first in-person membership meeting. This elite group of operators are shaping the direction of AVIAÂ going forward, helping us select the best vendors for our Preferred Supplier Networks, and working together to create the best business aviation community out there. They spent a day and a half with us in Park City, UT this fall, talking about group purchasing and the future of procurement.”