AVIAA is a technology-driven, professional procurement platform that brings together global group purchasing with sophisticated, cloud-based data analytics and reporting.

We connect aircraft operators with trusted suppliers for all of their needs, including jet fuel, satellite data, hull & liability and other aviation insurance, ground handling and FBO services, aircraft maintenance, crew training, and business operations.

Our expertise and proprietary data analysis of operator spend provides actionable insights and more efficient operations for both our member and supply partners.

PressAVIAA Expands FBO Network in Europe and United States, Adding 30+ New Locations
AVIAA, the global group purchasing organization for business aviation which provides procurement services for over 1,500 aircraft, has been active during the Coronavirus pandemic. Thirty-three new executive aviation destinations have been added to its internation...
Aviaa InsightYou and Your Trip Support Provider: 4 Areas Where You Should Be Aligned
Scott White VP Supplier Relations, AVIAA Today more than ever, your flight department operations and your business dealings need to be fast, secure, accurate, and detailed. In order to achieve that, you need to make sure that you and your trip support provide...
Aviaa InsightThe Important Role of Upset Prevention & Recovery Training
Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) is the change from controlled flight into upset scenarios like spins or dives and learning the methods to properly and safely recover from these conditions. There are varying opinions on the effectiveness of upset ...
Aviaa InsightCrew Training During COVID-19: What to Consider When Scheduling
Guest post from our partners at LOFT. The COVID-19 pandemic brought the entire aviation industry to an unprecedented and prolonged standstill. While the airlines are still struggling, general aviation seems to be making a much more rapid recovery.   That re...
Aviaa InsightDisinfection Technology: What to Know to Protect Your Aircraft & Operations
COVID-19 has changed how the entire world lives and does business. From temperature checks to mask requirements, social distancing to sanitizing every surface, there’s a new normal for how we go about our regular activities. And so, in general aviation we’re also...
With decades of experience in general aviation, procurement, and information systems, our team marries expertise and best practices from a vast array of industries with cutting-edge technology and data analytics.

We’re a global GPO, and our team is growing rapidly in both the US and Europe. We’re looking for talented professionals with an interest in aviation, technology, and procurement. Below are our current open roles, but these change frequently so don’t be afraid to just email a cover letter and cv to if you’re interested.

Technical Director / Architect
Austin (preferred), Remote
Senior Java Engineer
Austin (preferred), Remote