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AVIAA is the only global group purchasing organization (GPO) for general aviation, enabling everyone from individual owner-operators to small and medium sized commercial airlines to buy the equipment, services, and supplies they need to open and operate.

We replace hidden costs and complicated contracts with the best value directly from suppliers, purchasing transparency, and efficiency. We give suppliers an evolving set of tools to understand, engage, win, and retain customers.

In short, we’re bringing general aviation purchasing into the digital age.

Aviaa InsightAVIAA's Top 2019 Milestones
As the year comes to a close, we want to thank everyone in our community for a fantastic 2019! It’s been a year of tremendous growth here at AVIAA, with an expanding supply network  supporting a fleet of over 1,000 aircraft and growing. While we’re looking forwar...
Aviaa Insight5 Things to Know About the Wayfair Decision
WHAT IS THE WAYFAIR DECISION? South Dakota vs Wayfair was a case determining state sales tax liability via an economic nexus versus a physical presence standard that was previously used. The case went to the Supreme Court, who ruled in favor of the nexus stand...
Aviaa InsightUnderstanding the Insurance Renewal Process
Too often we hear that owners and operators are unhappy with their aviation hull and liability insurance premiums. You trust your current broker to obtain the best rates, but are they doing everything they can to advocate for you in the insurance market and provi...
PressAVIAA Cares Program Debuts with Corporate Angel Network
30 July, 2019  Press release  Free Membership offered to Medical Flight Providers AVIAA, the expanding group purchasing organization for business aviation, is pleased to announce the launch of AVIAA Cares, a brand new corporate social responsibility init...
Aviaa InsightHow the Consolidation of Business Aviation Supply May Impact Your Operation
Irena Deville Managing Director, EMEA Over the last years, Business Aviation has seen a lot of consolidation on both the operator and the supply side. Whereas the operator consolidation has slowed down significantly, in 2019 we seem to be seeing a sharp incre...

With decades of experience in general aviation, procurement, and information systems, we are building the ultimate professional procurement community. We marry expertise from general aviation with group purchasing, fintech, payments, insurance, analytics, and cutting edge technology.

We’re a global GPO, and our team is growing rapidly in both the US and Europe. We’re looking for talented folks with an interest in aviation, technology, and procurement.

Below are our current open roles, but these change frequently so don’t be afraid to just email a cover letter and cv to if you’re interested.

Negotiator, Aviation Supply Chain
Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Senior Software Engineer
Irvine, Austin
Success Director
Florida, Germany
Senior Web Developer
Irvine, Austin

AVIAA works with and belongs to leading industry groups and organizations.