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AVIAA is the only global group purchasing organization (GPO) for general aviation, enabling everyone from individual owner-operators to small and medium sized commercial airlines to buy the equipment, services, and supplies they need to open and operate.

We replace hidden costs and complicated contracts with the best value directly from suppliers, purchasing transparency, and efficiency. We give suppliers an evolving set of tools to understand, engage, win, and retain customers.

In short, we’re bringing general aviation purchasing into the digital age.

Aviaa InsightConsolidation: The Quest to Improve Operator Margins
Irena Deville Managing Director, EMEA Consolidation has taken hold of the business aviation industry over the last four to five years. Large entities such as Vista Global and Directional Aviation have been spearheading the movement by completing some of the most...
PressAVIAA Establishes Global FBO Network
March 27, 2019 110+ VIP facilities sign up with the expanding GPO. AVIAA, the world’s only global group purchasing organization for business aviation, has added an important new pillar to its business aviation services – a 110+-strong global FBO network.  ...
PressAVIAA Grows Its Customer Success Team
March 11, 2019 AVIAA, the expanding group purchasing organization for business aviation is growing its Customer Success team and enhancing its data infrastructure to support a widened membership of nearly 500 aircraft. The move follows hard on the heels of AVIAA...
Aviaa InsightLoss of Pilot License Insurance Fills Important Gaps in Coverage
Imagine you are sitting in your doctor’s office, you’ve just been told you have slightly elevated blood pressure. No big deal, right? If you take some medication, it will all be under control. Life will carry on. If you are a pilot without loss of pilot license i...
Aviaa InsightDon’t Sleep On Your ADS-B Update
Matthew Suedkamp Director, Customer Success As you’ve probably heard by now, the deadline for complying with the FAA’s ADS-B mandate is rapidly approaching.  As of January 1, 2020, ADS-B will be required in all airspace that requires a transponder. Many opera...

With decades of experience in general aviation, procurement, and information systems, we are building the ultimate professional procurement community. We marry expertise from general aviation with group purchasing, fintech, payments, insurance, analytics, and cutting edge technology.

We’re a global GPO, and our team is growing rapidly in both the US and Europe. We’re looking for talented folks with an interest in aviation, technology, and procurement.

Below are our current open roles, but these change frequently so don’t be afraid to just email a cover letter and cv to if you’re interested.

AVIAA works with and belongs to leading industry groups and organizations.