Many fleets are still grounded with heavy travel restrictions and lower demand, but with some countries beginning to emerge from lockdowns, we’re seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Naturally, the pandemic is dominating the news and our public consciousness. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information out there. At AVIAA we are staying focused on our core mission to streamline procurement and deliver better value across the business aviation supply chain, both for our member operators and our supply partners. Part of that mission is sharing insights and expertise with our community. If you follow AVIAA on social media, you may have seen the various resources we’ve shared from our partners and industry experts. We’ve rounded up some of those resources for you here.

Aircraft Maintenance: Disinfecting Aircraft To Protect Against COVID-19 from the AOPA. Includes helpful tips and products to clean and disinfect aircraft as well as links to guidelines from NBAA and the CDC. And the CDC itself has a dedicated post on What Aircraft Maintenance Workers Need to Know about COVID-19.

COVID-19 VAT Tips from our partners at VAT IT. Reviewing VAT reclaim is a great idea to boost your liquidity, and not just during a downturn.

Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Engines from AVIAA maintenance partner, Constant Aviation. Maintain your aircraft during prolonged out-of-operation time with these great tips. Not only will you protect your aircraft, but you’ll ensure a smoother return to service.

Our European FBO partner, Jet Aviation, posted a video on LinkedIn outlining their response to the current crisis and safety measures they’ve implemented at their locations to protect customers and staff. And another AVIAA FBO partner, Castle & Cooke at PHNL recently highlighted that while traffic in Hawaii has been impacted by the state’s quarantine restrictions, “for tech stops and crew changes, the procedures are actually minimally invasive, adding that crew and/or passengers on private aircraft can leave at any time.”

We posted here at AVIAA last month on Four Ways Operators Can Save On Fixed Costs. These are ways you can realize immediate savings, freeing up necessary capital and putting you on the best footing when operations return to normal.

The FAA adjusted operating hours at 100 control towers last week. You can view a list of the affected locations and new hours at the Novel Coronavirus Update section of their site. For the latest information on how European air traffic has been affected, EUROCONTROL has a very informative online resource center, which includes traffic comparisons and up to date state and airline responses to the virus. IATA also has a very helpful list of guidelines for Air Transport and COVID-19 Coronavirus. And of course, the NBAA and EBAA both have great resource centers that are being continuously updated as the situation in each region develops.

If you’re a US operator looking to provide assistance during this crisis, please consider adding your aircraft to NBAA’s HERO Database. Our partners at Corporate Angel Network are also still operating as an essential business, providing flights for cancer patients needing to travel for treatment. AVIAA provides complimentary membership to CAN members, and we also reward existing AVIAA members who join and provide flights for CAN.

We hope you’re all staying healthy and in good spirits! Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, where we’ll continue to share information helpful to our community.