For Our Members

Becoming a member opens a gateway of savings through collective buying power.

It is risk free.

Annual membership fee recouped through savings or your money back.

It saves you time.

We negotiate rates for you, track your spending, provide monthly audit reports, and help you to mediate any contract disputes or invoices generated in error.

It saves you money.

Commercial airlines get great prices on everything they need to run their jets. By grouping all of our members together, we can buy at similar rates. Vendors will negotiate contracts with us, because we offer streamlined customer engagement and guaranteed volume. You get to buy at bulk prices without buying in bulk.

It really is that simple.

So how does it work?

  • Collect members historical spend activity
  • Analyse potential savings
  • Offer members a guaranteed annual saving
  • Contract annual spend with suppliers
  • Provide transparent reporting through monthly audits
  • Support negotiations with vendors when contract rates were not honored
  • Collect a simple administrative fee
Apply Expertise, Aggregate Spend, Reduce Costs

Member Pricing per Aircraft