Have your premiums gone up? Are your aircraft individually insured? Are you under or over insured? Are you getting the most from your insurance providers? AVIAA combines insurance and group purchasing expertise to get you the best value from your coverage.


  • Hull and Liability, Workers Comp, Travel Accident, Loss of Pilot, Health Insurance, and Management Liability
  • More and better coverage than competitors tailored to your needs for a great price
  • Free reviews on existing policies


  • Procurement services to acquire fleet aircraft insurance for your regional airline, charter, or operator business
  • Special fleet pricing on top of great individual rates
  • Save thousands per year, per aircraft


  • Private aviation insurance products are seamlessly supported as part of our professional procurement services.
  • Offload your insurance burden to us just like fuel, maintenance, FBO handling, etc.

AVIAA Is More Than Just a Transactional Insurance Broker. Our Membership Gives You Access to a Total Procurement Solution for All Your Operational Needs.

All insurance related matters are executed by AVIAA Insurance Services, LLC, License #CA0M22875


Aircraft owners and operators get professional procurement services. Suppliers get committed volume and reduced friction.