Christy Hutchison, CAM
AVIAA Customer Success Director

Part 135 operators need to evolve with consumer demand, which often means adapting their fleet to accommodate their customers’ needs. Whether that be bringing on more aircraft, upgrading to new aircraft, etc., it’s important to keep your onboarding process streamlined and concise so that no detail is overlooked. Often, during onboarding new equipment a subscription or insurance certificate may be overlooked, causing a delay in the operation – and we all know that time is money in the charter world.

Planning to bring on a new aircraft or change a tail number in the near future? We’ve created the following checklist to keep your operation running smoothly and your fleet in the air.


  • Fleet Certificate
  • Lienholder Certificate
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • EU
  • OST6410 (for OST4507)
  • DD2400 (for military base landings)
  • Additional Insured – see Third Party below


  • D085
  • D092
  • D095
  • Possibly others if new model /equipment or tail specific pages

(Supplemental Lift) –
(D085, D092, D095, certificate of insurance)

  • Arg/US/Wyvern
  • Sentient
  • Netjets
  • Other Operators


  • Canada (new model types only)
    • Post Facto Reporting
  • Mexico (tail specific)
    • Blanket Permit
  • Bahamas
  • Caymans

DOT – OST4507
Submit changes to

  • The OST6410
  • The OST 4507 (save an editable master copy for future amendments to save time)
  • Two Fedex labels (one back to you, one to your FSDO, both with tracking)


  • Nav Databases
  • Aircraft Flight Manuals
  • Maintenance Tracking
  • Engine Programs
  • Wheel/Brake Programs
  • Weight and Balance Calculations


  • General Training Manual (GTM)
  • General Operations Manual (GOM)
  • General Maintenance Manual (GMM)
  • Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
  • Misc


  • Airworthiness Certificate
  • Aircraft Registration
    • Temporary
      • Flywire
    • Permanent


  • Radio Operators Permit (increase/decrease in aircraft)
  • Customs Bond
  • Border Overflight Exemption
  • Customs Decal
  • Fuel cards

This is not an exhaustive list, as each operator will have variances, but we hope this will serve as a valuable tool to track the myriad aspects of the onboarding process. To learn more about adding a new aircraft to your fleet and how AVIAA can help you gain more value and insights into your operations, reach out to